Tegrity Campus Desktop Training Series

Tegrity offers the following training sessions free of charge as a service to Tegrity clients only. To register for a session, please click the link associated with the desired session and register using your email address with your institution's domain. Once registered, you will be sent an email confirmation with session login information.

Session Descriptions

  • Recording Management & Basic Editing - Learn how to manage your recordings by using the "Actions" menu. Also, learn about Tegrity's basic editing options for editing chapter/index titles, cutting out segments, and adding searchable keywords.
  • Advanced Editing: Adding Closed Captions - Learn how to add closed captions to your existing recordings.
  • Advanced Editing: Making Corrections & Importing Video - Learn how to cut content from and import video clips into your existing recordings.
  • Advanced Recording: Incorporating Instructor / Instructional Video and Adding Annotations - Learn how to enhance new recordings by incorporating instructor or instructional video, or adding annotations or virtual whiteboards by using the extended Tegrity toolbar features on a PC.
  • Webcasting - Learn how to use this PC-based feature to webcast a recording while you are creating it. Tegrity Webcasting allows instructors to accommodate students who are unable to physically attend class by making the session available in near real time via the web.
  • Mobile App: Viewing Recordings - Learn how the Tegrity Mobile App provides students with an additional way to either view recordings on an Apple iOS or Android device, or search for text within a recording using Tegrity's patented "Search Anything" technology.
  • Notes - Learn how Tegrity Notes brings note taking to the digital age. In addition to capturing notes using a built-in rich text editor, users can insert interactive elements into their notes with a simple click of a button; letting them instantly review related course content recorded with Tegrity as they study their notes.
  • Student Recording - Learn how Tegrity's Student Recording feature enables students to create and submit recordings for a course. Recordings can be of remote student introductions or of course demonstration or presentation assignments. Instructors can choose to make the student recordings private or available to all students in the course.
  • Test Proctoring Recording - Learn how Tegrity's Test Proctoring Recording feature enables instructors to verify the identity and activity of students who take exams/tests online. Whether the student is a distance learner or attends class on campus, instructors can have students use Tegrity test proctoring recording feature when taking online exams.
  • What's New in Winter 2011 Update: Admin - Learn about new admin features that are being added as part of the Winter 2011 update.
  • What's New in Winter 2011 Update: Instructor and Student - Learn about new instructor and student features that are being added as part of the Winter 2011 update.

Registration and Attendance Notes

  • To receive approval to attend a session, you must use an email address with your institution's domain (i.e., username@institution.edu) during the registration process.
  • The PASSWORD needed to attend the session can be found in the registration confirmation email that is sent when you are approved to attend the session.
  • Registration will CLOSE the day prior to the scheduled date of each session. If there are an insufficient number of registrants for a session (less than 5), the session will be cancelled.

Session Schedule

Session Title

Session Dates and Registration Links

Advanced Editing: Adding Closed Captions

Mon, 3 April: 2-3pm ET 

Tue, 15 May: 4-5pm ET

Advanced Editing: Making Corrections & Importing Video

Wed, 11 April: 4:15-5pm ET

Thurs, 10 May: 3-4pm ET 

Tue, 29 May: 2-3pm ET

Advanced Recording: Incorporating Instructor / Instructional Video & Adding Annotations

Wed, 4 April: 2-3pm ET 

Tue, 1 May: 2-3pm ET

Thurs, 24 May: 4-5pm ET

Mobile App: Viewing Recordings

Mon, 30 April: 4-5pm ET

Wed, 16 May: 3-4pm ET


Tue, 24 April: 2-3pm ET

Mon, 21 May: 3-4pm ET

Recording Management & Basic Editing

Thurs, 12 April: 3-4pm ET

Tue, 8 May: 3-4pm ET

Wed, 30 May: 2-3pm ET

Student Recording

Thurs, 26 April: 3-4pm ET

Mon, 14 May: 3-4pm ET

Test Proctoring Recording

Tue, 3 April: 3-4pm ET

Wed, 2 May: 3-4pm ET

Wed, 23 May: 3-4pm ET


Tue, 10 April: 2-3pm ET

Wed, 9 May: 4-5pm ET